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Girl ScoutEdit

This dilemma can occur at any time in the game, but usually takes a few days to show itself.

When faced with this dilemma, the player will be given information on the left with a silhouette in the center and their options on the right. On the left side the player will be informed that a young girl says she can help but that she needs to be let inside. This is usually followed by information about the girl possibly being bitten.

On the far right side the following choices are displayed

  1. Turn her away
  2. Take her in, restrain her and search her belongings
  3. Kill her

Picking the first option will send the girl away and it will be the end of the dilemma and nothing further will occur pertaining to the event.

Taking the girl in can result in one of two endings. On one hand, the girl will turn into a zombie, but will not be able to bite any of the survivors. On the other hand she will turn into a zombie and infect one of the survivors.

If the player decides to kill the girl, she will scream and zombies in the area will be alerted. This results in the survivors becoming surrounded shortly after (usually).

If you take the girl in or kill her, you will possibly be rewarded with an item pertaining to the game mode you are in (information on a vehicle part for road kill or a radio/information in deadline). This will also allow a second dillemma, the family, to occur later on.

Lost little girl.

The options given for the girl scout dilemma.