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The FamilyEdit

This event can only occur if you have killed or restrained the girl in the girl scout dilemma.

When faced with this dilemma, the player will be given information on the left with a picture of multiple silhouettes in the center and their options on the right. On the left, players will be informed that a number of people have gathered outside the building and the family is looking for a lost girl (The girl scout). Depending on your survivors, they may notice that the family is concealing weapons. Also, if you received a radio from the girl in deadline, there will be information regarding them wanting it returned.

At the very bottom you will be informed of your chances to win a fight with 'Our spirits are high and our weapons formidable. The family stands no chance.' being the highest chance to win or 'The fight could get one of us killed, but our weapons give us the upper hand.' being a fairly high chance to win, etc.

On the far right side the following choices can be displayed

1. Tell him you haven't seen her

2. Fight

3. Run

4. Set fire to the bar and run (Only available for certain buildings.)

5. Return the radio (Only available if you got a radio from the girl in deadline game mode.)

Picking the first option has a chance to result in fighting, but only if your party isn't imposing enough. Otherwise the family will leave your party alone and return later on.

The fight option will directly result in fighting. Depending on your chance to win you may or may not lose survivor(s).

Choosing the run option will send your group of survivors running away from the location to other buildings without any equipment. This option is usually the worst since sometimes your survivors will breach locations that have not been cleared yet.

Setting the location on fire will guarantee that the family dies, but will cause your group to lose all equipment and potential equipment at the location and the location will not be visit-able. Your group will also flee together towards a location.

Returning the Radio will result in the family leaving your survivors alone, but you will need to find another Radio. Due to the importance of the radio (You cannot complete the game mode without one) this choice can be damning.

Killing the family will sometimes result in key items being found or other important equipment.

Family FIAR

The family dilemma.


After burning the building it is scribbled off the map.