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This dilemma can occur whenever a survivor receives lacerations (small cuts and tears) from a zombie.

When the dilemma shows up, the player will be shown a picture of the survivor in question. On the left, information will be displayd regarding the group and how they feel about the situation. At the bottom there will usually be a survivor who believes they can amputate the infected in question with a tool. This option is not available if your group does not have an approprate tool (such as a hand axe or fire axe).

On the far right side the options will be displayed as follows:

Kill the infected survivor.

Let the infected survivor live.

Try to amputate the infected survivor's limb. (Only available if certain conditions are met.)

Killing the infected survivor results in their death followed by any survivors who liked the infected becoming upset.

Allowing the infected survivor to live will result in them receiving a 'low grade fever' status effect and any survivor who wished to kill them will become upset.

Attempting to amputate will either results in the infected living with the status effect 'Amputated _______' (and sometimes damage to the survivor) and the survivor in question will become more tired or will result in the survivor dying.


The survivor's portrait will show up and information regarding how the other survivors feel will be displayed on the left while the options will be displayed on the right.

Amputation fail

A failed amputation and the text that ooes with it.