Zafehouse Mods are unofficial, fan-made tweaks and expansions to the original Zafehouse game.

Mods are not endorsed or supported by Screwfly Studios and are used at the player's own risk.

Modding ZafehouseEdit

Zafehouse is programmed in Visual Basic. The source code has been released with every version as of v1.5, allowing fans to create modified versions of the game. Because the game was not designed to support mods initially, a Zafehouse mod is a recompiled version of the entire game, meaning that multiple mods cannot be used at the same time (though you can have multiple modded versions of the game on your hard drive at once).

Recommended ToolsEdit

Modding Zafehouse is best accomplished with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express, a free Visual Basic programming suite. Note that using other, later versions of this program (such as 2010) is not advised as this tends to cause issues and may even fail to compile the source code completely.

List of ModsEdit