Supplies (also known as Barricades or Barricade Pieces) are a type of Resource found in Zafehouse.

Description & UseEdit

Supplies are wooden boards, hunks of metal, and assorted nails and screws that can be used to barricade a building.

Reinforcing a building requires 5 Supplies per level.

Example: the Church begins with a Reinforcement level of Light. It would cost 5 Supplies to raise this to Medium, and another 5 to raise it to Heavy.

You can stockpile up to 220 Supplies in total.

Finding SuppliesEdit

There are several ways to find Supplies in Zafehouse:

Starting the GameEdit

You begin all games with 5 Supplies.

Going on a RaidEdit

You have a chance to find 8 Supplies on a Raid if you prioritize finding "Ammunition and Supplies".

Securing a BuildingEdit

During the act of securing a Building, there is a 10% chance of finding Supplies. If the Building is the Warehouse, you have a 20% chance. If the Building is the Factory, you have a 12% chance. Finding Supplies in this way will yield 2 Supplies.

Occupying the WarehouseEdit

The Warehouse, when secured and unbreached, produces 5 Supplies per hour. If you manage to secure every Building in town, the Store will produce +1 Supplies, for a total of 6 Supplies per hour.