Water is a type of Resource found in Zafehouse.

Description & UseEdit

Every survivor requires 1 litre of Water every four hours to avoid becoming dehydrated.

You can stockpile up to 192 litres of Water in total.

Finding WaterEdit

There are several ways to find Water in Zafehouse:

Starting the GameEdit

You begin all games with 16 litres of Water.

Going on a RaidEdit

You have a chance to find 4 litres of Water on a Raid if you prioritize finding "Water and Medicine".

Securing a BuildingEdit

During the act of securing a Building, there is a 10% chance of finding Water. If the Building is the Store, you have a 30% chance. If the Building is the Hotel, you have a 12% chance. Finding Water in this way will yield 3 litres.

Occupying the StoreEdit

The Store, when secured and unbreached, produces 4 litres of Water per hour. If you manage to secure every Building in town, the Store will produce +1 litre Water, for a total of 5 litres per hour.