This article is about the weapons found in Zafehouse. For the weapons found in Zafehouse: Diaries, see Weapon.

Weapons are a type of Resource found in Zafehouse.

Description & UseEdit

Weapons are carried by survivors for use in raids and combat against zombies.

There are two types of weapons in Zafehouse: Melee and Ranged.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee weapons are used in close-combat with zombies. They do not require Ammunition but are usually less damaging. They also decrease a survivor's likelihood of being bitten by a zombie in combat; a survivor using a melee weapon in combat (besides Fists) receives a 10% decrease to their chances of being bitten.

List of Melee WeaponsEdit

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Ranged weapons are typically more powerful than melee weapons, and greatly decrease the chance of a survivor carrying one being bitten by a zombie in combat. However, all ranged weapons require Ammunition to use; the more powerful the weapon, the more Ammunition it requires for every shot fired. A survivor using a ranged weapon in combat (with sufficient ammunition) receives a 30% decrease to their chances of being bitten.

List of Ranged WeaponsEdit

Weapons and Bite ChanceEdit

A survivor's chance to be bitten by a zombie during combat is determined by the weapon they are carrying.